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What to wear for your family photo session...

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The #1 question I get asked for every family photography session is “what should we wear?” I thought I would try to make it easier for you with a few tips and suggestions for planning the perfect outfits for your pictures.

Choose coordinating colors, not matching.

Choose a color scheme and use colors that complement each other. Pick one or two main colors and then use neutral tones like beige, grey, cream, and tan to fill in the gaps. Allow each person to choose an outfit within the color scheme that they’re comfortable in and that shows off their personality.

Consider your home décor.

I hope that your photos will be hanging on your walls for years to come, so pick colors that fit into your home’s style and color scheme.

Consider the season and location.

Select a color pallet that will compliment the session location and time of year.

Layers and accessories.

Accessories are great style pieces that add to your individual outfits and can even tie family members’ outfits together. For example, if Mom is wearing a yellow dress then adding a yellow scarf to your daughter’s outfit will tie the color in for a more cohesive feel. Accessories will also give your photos variation. If you have kids in your photos, pick clothes that they’ll be comfortable in. If your kids are uncomfortable and unhappy, we’ll all be in for a long session.

Clean and classic.

Avoid clothing with text, pictures, or large logos. It’ll distract from your beautiful faces. When in doubt, use neutral tones. They are timeless and they match almost almost any other outfits, home décor, and backdrops.

Plan ahead.

Don’t wait until you’re all getting dressed to find out that an outfit no longer fits, has a stain, or clashes with the rest of the clothes. Lay out all of the outfits ahead of the session so you can see how they coordinate. Don’t stress yourself out by having to make last minute changes.

I hope this helps, please reach out to me if you have any questions, and check out my Pinterest board for some outfit inspiration!

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