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  • Sarah Sonnenberg

What's the Best Time for Your On-Location Shoot?

The "Golden Hour" is the time just before sunset when the sun is close to going down, but still in the sky.

Why do photographers like this time?

1) All the lighting is rich and warm.

2) You do not need to squint into the sunlight or wear sunglasses.

3) The direction of the light and long shadows is so much nicer than overhead light and "raccoon eyes".

4) On hot days the weather has cooled down enough that we can all enjoy the session without sweating running down your face.

5) On a good day we can get some creative light flairs.

6) We can get some artistic silhouette images as the sun gets lower in the sky.

7) You have some lovely warm skies, with great colored clouds or sunsets.

8) For wedding photographs, midday sun can be really harsh on the wedding dress.

Now, I can't promise all of those just because the time is right, the weather does its own thing and Colorado can be unpredictable, but it really does increase our chances for the best lighting.

So, whether you are booking a location shoot, or timetabling your wedding it is something to consider. I cant wait to help you plan your photo session!

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