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  • Sarah Sonnenberg

Sonnenberg Family Photos | Red Feather Lakes, CO

I have a special treat for you today- I’m sharing some pictures of my own family. You would think that we would be better at getting pictures taken, but since we live in different areas, we haven’t been able to get picture done in years.

Since we were all spending the weekend together in Red Feather, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and the beautiful Northern Colorado landscape and plan some pictures.

We had spent the day four-wheeling around the area, and were late getting back to the cabin. I didn’t think we’d have enough time/sunlight left to capture any pictures, but through some miracle, we were all able to shower off the mud and get ourselves cleaned up in time to go out and grab a few shots.

We went to a nearby lake and were able to capture a few group poses and couples shots before the sun went behind the mountain. We only had about 20 minutes of light but I think we were able to capture some keepers!

Planning some family pictures in Red Feather or Northern Colorado? I'd love to help! Contact me here.

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